Freed from captivity: The Israeli hostages released by Hamas


Thirteen Israeli hostages have been released by Hamas after being held for almost seven weeks.

They include four children and a number of elderly women. Their handover coincides with the release of 39 prisoners by Israel after a deal that has paused fighting between the two sides.

Sky News understands 10 Thai nationals and one Filipino hostage have also been released by Hamas.

Israel-Gaza latest: Hostages freed by Hamas now back in Israel

The names of the released Israeli hostages, who were among some 240 people kidnapped during the deadly 7 October attack, are:

Adina Moshe, 72

Moshe Adina. Pic: Bring Them Home Now
Adina Moshe . Pic: Bring Them Home Now

She was kidnapped from her home in Kibbutz Nir Oz, after Hamas militants killed her husband Sa’id Moshe.

She has four children – Maya, Yael, Sasson, and Amos – and a number of grandchildren.

Her hobbies include cooking, gardening and reading.

Margalit Moses, 77

Mozes Margalit Berta. Pic: Bring Them Home Now
Margalit Moses. Pic: Bring Them Home Now

A cancer survivor, she has diabetes and fibromyalgia, and takes additional medications for blood pressure and thyroid.

She is said to be a sworn nature lover, especially of birds, and loves hiking despite her poor health.

Last summer she went on sailing trip in northern Norway and had plans to visit Mozambique this winter. Margalit’s other hobbies include knitting.

Daniel Aloni, 45, and her six-year-old daughter Emilia

Aloni Daniel. Pic: Bring Them Home Now
Daniel Aloni. Pic: Bring Them Home Now

The pair were kidnapped in Nir Oz while visiting Daniel’s sister Sharon Aloni-Cunio – who was also kidnapped along with her three-year-old twins Emma and Yuli, and their father David Cunio.

On 7 October at 11am Daniel sent a “last message” to her family which said there were terrorists in the house and she was afraid they would not survive.

Pic: Bring Them Home Now
Emilia Aloni. Pic: Bring Them Home Now

Ruthy Munder, 78, Keren Munder, 54 and nine-year-old Ohad Munder

Munder zachri OhadPic: Bring Them Home Now
Ohad Munder. Pic: Bring Them Home Now

Ohad was kidnapped along with his mother, Keren, while they were visiting his grandmother Ruthy, who was also seized. He reportedly turned nine while in captivity. His mother is a teacher and children’s volleyball coach.

Ruthy Munder’s hobbies are said to include knitting, painting and sewing. Her husband, Ohad’s grandfather, was also kidnapped and is still being held by Hamas, it is thought.

Munder Ruth. Pic: Bring Them Home Now
Ruthy Munder. Pic: Bring Them Home Now

Doron Katz Asher, 34, and her daughters Aviv, two, and Raz, four

Doron Katz-Asher, an Israeli hostage released by Hamas. Cannot confirm name of child in this pic. Family handout.
Doron Katz Asher

Katz Asher Aviv. Pic: Bring Them Home Now
Aviv Katz Asher. Pic: Bring Them Home Now

Katz Asher Raz. Pic: Bring Them Home Now
Raz Katz Asher. Pic: Bring Them Home Now

The trio were kidnapped during a visit to relatives, including the girls’ grandmother, in Kibbutz Nir Oz.

Ms Katz Asher works as an accountant.

Hanna Peri, 79

Peri Channa. Pic: Bring Them Home Now
Hanna Peri. Pic: Bring Them Home Now

The mother-of-three immigrated to Israel from South Africa in the 1960s. She works in a grocery store.

Ms Perry is said to have diabetes and suffers from severe vision loss in one eye. Her hobbies including gardening, Tai Chi and looking after her pet cat.

Footage, apparently of her, being taken away on a golf buggy went viral following Hamas’s attack.

Yaffa Adar, 85

Yaffa Adar
Yaffa Adar

Ms Adar has three children, eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

One of her grandchildren, Tamir Adar, 38, was kidnapped alongside her and is still thought to be held by Hamas.

Hana Katzir, 76

Katzir Hanna. Pic: Bring Them Home Now
Hana Katzir. Pic: Bring Them Home Now

Ms Katzir was the 13th hostage to be released on Friday. Hamas forces reportedly claimed earlier this week that she had died in captivity.

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